Friday, October 25, 2013

Rick Bragg

This has absolutely nothing to do with running but I am too excited not to share. Last night, I met Rick Bragg y'all!! He is an absolutely lovely person; humble, shy, slightly awkward, and amazingly engaging. He is by far my favorite Southern Author. I am ecstatic every month when the new issue of  Southern Living arrives and there he is - last page -  humorous, poignant, and usually a bit self deprecating - the Pulitzer Prize winner's Artist in Residence piece. It is a special treat I save for when everyone is asleep and my house is totally quiet. I make a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit in my favorite chair in the living room and absorb every single letter. The man is a wordsmith and, in this day and age, such a talent is a rare and magical find. Thank you, Mr. Bragg. Thank you.

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