Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My "W" is for Weight

Kinsey Millhone is the fictional protagonist of Sue Grafton’s alphabet series mysteries. Books that I have been enjoying since my card worked in the grown up section of the library. Kinsey is a smart, no nonsense, yet slightly flawed private investigator.  And, she runs! She runs 3 miles a day.  Another (major) reason I started running was to get back to pre-baby weight.  I gained 73lbs with Mini-Li and 67lbs with Mini-Lu.  Whatever “they” say, it has NOT my experience that baby weight is easier to lose than “normal” weight … AT ALL! Who are "they" anyway?  I am still chucking a little extra around and Mini-Lu was two in June. So, I am upping the ante on my maintenance runs. Rather than setting my timer for 30 minutes, I am going to eat 5K’s for breakfast. Here is to 3.1 miles and, to Kinsey! Go the distance!

5K Maintenance Run
Runkeeper - 3.1 Miles 34:43

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  1. I am also chucking a little extra around. It's part of the Malbec and Meat diet I was on last week. I will share your letter "W"! And I will eat 5ks for breakfast (and maybe some afternoon snacks). - Gia B