Tuesday, October 22, 2013

H20, Mg and K (water, magnesium and potassium)

The weather outside is wonderful for running. Cool, dry, and the slightest bit nippy on the tip of my nose. Running still hurts though- ankle and calves. As per the advice of  Dr. Emily, there is more water and there are more tomatoes in my diet (I am still searching for a 6 foot banana). Now, my goal is to find Compression Socks. I'm pretty upbeat about the fact that in over 5 months of training this is the first issue I've had. Not too shabby, I'd say!  Mr. May brought home the registration form for the Mercedes Half Marathon to me last night. It is complete and on the way back to Mercedes. I'm not quite sure how to feel. Ecstatic? Terrified? Regardless, Autumn has arrived in The South, she is most welcomed and, I hope she stays awhile.

Light Recovery Run
Runkeeper - 1.51 Miles 16:43

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