Monday, May 5, 2014

Because Aunt Angela Said So . . .

Aunt Angela ran the Disney Half Marathon for her 50th Birthday. She and her friends trained for a  year, they sported tutu's, and they finished the half marathon. At the end, they were sprinkled with Magic Pixie Dust. How could you not want to do that? Disney? Girlfriends? Tutus? Pixie Dust? Absolutely! Last night I had dinner with Aunt Angela (not actually my Aunt, my sister-in-law Gia's Aunt, but extended family is always family!!!) and she asked about my running. (I was embarrassed, I had such grand plans.) We chatted and I knew that she was the inspiration I needed. My angel in Angela. We were together last night for the National Multiple Sclerosis Dinner and Wine Auction Charity Event. See, Aunt Angela has MS and with her MS, she began a running program and has continued to run! For me, I'm going back to the beginning. Couch to 10K. Day 1 Week 1. Let's Run, because Aunt Angela Said So!!!

Couch to 10K - Day 1 Week 1
Runkeeper = 2.07 Miles 29:00
1000 Mile Challenge = 37.87 Down 962.13 to Go

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