Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lesson Learned - Never Run With Your Pants On Inside Out

My mornings are chaotic as I'm sure are everyone else's. We wake up, Mr. May gets ready for work and I dress the girls, fix snacks, fix hair, find shoes, etc. After I kiss them all good-bye, I have a finite time I can run before I have to come home, shower, dress, and get to work.
This morning, when I was getting out of the car to run, I noticed I had my running pants on inside out. I love these pants because they have a hidden "key" pocket on the inside. And after today, I completely understand why the pocket is ON THE INSIDE! When the pocket is on the outside - the key can work it's way loose and fall out - somewhere on the trail.
So, my morning consisted of:
 A very chilly run (37 degrees)
The realization that I didn't have the key to the car when I was finished
Walking back most of my path looking for the key
A call to my mother (whom I woke up) to please come bring me the spare key from her house
My mother arriving - without the key (I did say I woke her up)
A trip back to Mama's for the key
A drive to the hardware store for a new key (Computer Chipped car keys cost $75.00 to replace FYI)
Posting handwritten signs on both ends of the trail "LOST - Ford Car Key - If found please contact  . . .)
So, if you find a car key on Lakeshore, please let me know and also - NEVER RUN WITH YOUR PANTS ON INSIDE OUT!

Runkeeper = 2.04 Miles 23:46
1000 Mile Challenge = 22.06 Down 977.94 to Go


  1. Oh, I'm really sorry, that's not at all funny. Until the part where it's a bit funny because I'm envisioning it happening to me.

  2. Sorry it happened, but it is funny. I can see you and your just awakened mom. Let us know if you find it.