Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Things that make you run F A S T

I thought this morning it was going to be all about the weather. (21F at the end of my run FYI)
However, an exceptional time motivator and a way to cut your run short is a call from the alarm company! One mile into my run my phone rings - 6:42am and you know it must be important. I spin around and high tail it back to my car - record time I am sure! I met Officer John and we did a walk through of the house. Mr. May showed up less than 2 minutes later. Turns out it was a motion sensor in the room we call The Hanger. The Chinese New Year is Friday and we had decorated for MiniLi and MiniLu. The alarm triggering culprit? Our Dragon!
Runkeeper: 2.01 Miles 24:56 (time included to talk to Alarm Company and Mr. May)
1000 Mile Challenge = 17.91 Down 982.09 to Go

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh....a) at least you had the officer there for the walk through b) you know the sensors work and c) I would have flipped out getting that phone call.