Sunday, November 10, 2013


Not gonna lie, things have been kinda rough around the house and I haven't felt like doing much of anything. A HUGE thank you to The Magnificent Bivens Sisters for pulling me out of my funk and contributing to a series of firsts today!
First time I've ever:
Run 7 miles (It's just a loop she said, 5 miles at the most she said)
Run through Mountain Brook (Hills, Hills, Hills)
Run part of the Jemison Trail (I've REALLY been wanting to do that!)
Rolled my ankle (OUCH)
Noticed sweat/salt crusted on my forehead (Thanks for the heads up ladies - so attractive)
Taken a selfie!!

Runkeeper = 7 Miles 1:23:35


  1. Awesome! Especially the salt crust! I consider it a source of great pride when one works out hard enough to get what I call "jock spots", ie those giant sweat spots on the back of your shirt.